Verified Commit fe46cab7 authored by Dominik George's avatar Dominik George 🍻

Merge branch 'master' into 19-create-meetings-in-cli

parents 591d35c3 3029bb3e
from getpass import getuser
from pathlib import Path
import sys
from typing import Optional, TextIO, Tuple
from urllib.parse import urlparse
......@@ -186,10 +185,12 @@ def system(ctx):
def ssh(ctx, command: Tuple[str]):
"""Execute command via ssh on all hosts."""
# Consume stdin completely to multiplex it
stdin =
stdin = click.get_text_stream('stdin')
stdout = click.get_text_stream('stdout')
stderr = click.get_text_stream('stderr')
res = ctx.obj["apis"].ssh_command(command, stdin)
res = ctx.obj["apis"].ssh_command(command,
for name, output in res.items():
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