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    merge improvements from my Mu͒seScore workshop repo: · 63687906
    mirabilos authored and mirabilos's avatar mirabilos committed
    add qdf-based workaround for the PDF page group problems
    (tested in buster (edugit pubmat builder) and bullseye)
    This addresses pdf{,la}tex warnings relating including PDFs as
    graphics: Inkscape adds a “page group”, which is necessary for
    transparency, but there may only ever be one page group, and
    for the (final) result PDF we need the one from pdftex, and it
    only inserts the proper one if there was none, otherwise the
    one from the first included PDF that had one gets used, which
    might not match the pdftex output.
    There’s no programmatic way around that: while we can output a
    proper page group in the .tex/.sty/.cls file manually, this
    does not inhibit the (possibly wrong) one from the first included
    PDF being copied, ending up with a bad PDF.
    There’s only one proper fix: a̲l̲l̲ PDFs included in a pdfTₑχ/LᴬTᴇΧ
    document m̲u̲s̲t̲ have their page group stripped. (Unfortunately,
    pdf{,la}tex only warns if at least two have one.)
    This commit implements the stripping for those PDFs we generate
    out of SVG files via Inkscape. (It also drops the Producer info,
    which is uselessly taking up space.)
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