Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • Doing
  • part::backend
    Backend (view code, models, logic, etc.)
  • part::docs
    Issue or addition to the documentation
  • part::frontend
    Frontend (templates, etc.)
  • part::i18n
    Translation or internationalisation issue
  • part::non-technical
    Non-technical (policy, maintenance, etc.) issue or discussion
  • part::packaging
    Issue concerning the packaging of AlekSIS and components
  • prio::1
    Priority High
  • prio::2
    Priority Medium
  • prio::3
    Priority Low
  • Security
  • source::customer
    Requested by a customer or affiliated user
  • source::downstream
    Issue or merge request from other projects using AlekSIS or parts of it
  • TeX
    Needs LaTeX template
  • To Do
  • type::bug
  • type::feature
    New feature
  • type::refactoring
  • workflow::blocked
    Issue is blocked by another issue
  • workflow::confirmed
    The bug is reproducible and will be fixed