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Update dependency pytest-cov to v4

Tine Wittler requested to merge renovate/pytest-cov-4.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
pytest-cov (changelog) dev-dependencies major ^2.9.0 -> ^4.0.0

Release Notes



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  • Updated CI with new Pythons and dependencies.
  • Removed rsyncdir support. This makes pytest-cov compatible with xdist 3.0. Contributed by Sorin Sbarnea in #&#8203;558 <>_.
  • Optimized summary generation to not be performed if no reporting is active (for example, when --cov-report='' is used without --cov-fail-under). Contributed by Jonathan Stewmon in #&#8203;589 <>_.
  • Added support for JSON reporting. Contributed by Matthew Gamble in #&#8203;582 <>_.
  • Refactored code to use f-strings. Contributed by Mark Mayo in #&#8203;572 <>_.
  • Fixed a skip in the test suite for some old xdist. Contributed by a bunch of people in #&#8203;565 <>_.


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Note that this release drops support for multiprocessing.

  • --cov-fail-under no longer causes pytest --collect-only to fail Contributed by Zac Hatfield-Dodds in #&#8203;511 <>_.

  • Dropped support for multiprocessing (mostly because issue 82408 <>_). This feature was mostly working but very broken in certain scenarios and made the test suite very flaky and slow.

    There is builtin multiprocessing support in coverage and you can migrate to that. All you need is this in your .coveragerc::

    [run] concurrency = multiprocessing parallel = true sigterm = true

  • Fixed deprecation in by trying to import setuptools before distutils. Contributed by Ben Greiner in #&#8203;545 <>_.

  • Removed undesirable new lines that were displayed while reporting was disabled. Contributed by Delgan in #&#8203;540 <>_.

  • Documentation fixes. Contributed by Andre Brisco in #&#8203;543 <>_ and Colin O'Dell in #&#8203;525 <>_.

  • Added support for LCOV output format via --cov-report=lcov. Only works with coverage 6.3+. Contributed by Christian Fetzer in #&#8203;536 <>_.

  • Modernized pytest hook implementation. Contributed by Bruno Oliveira in #&#8203;549 <>_ and Ronny Pfannschmidt in #&#8203;550 <>_.


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Note that this release drops support for Python 2.7 and Python 3.5.

  • Added support for Python 3.10 and updated various test dependencies. Contributed by Hugo van Kemenade in #&#8203;500 <>_.
  • Switched from Travis CI to GitHub Actions. Contributed by Hugo van Kemenade in #&#8203;494 <>_ and #&#8203;495 <>_.
  • Add a --cov-reset CLI option. Contributed by Danilo Šegan in #&#8203;459 <>_.
  • Improved validation of --cov-fail-under CLI option. Contributed by ... Ronny Pfannschmidt's desire for skark in #&#8203;480 <>_.
  • Dropped Python 2.7 support. Contributed by Thomas Grainger in #&#8203;488 <>_.
  • Updated trove classifiers. Contributed by Michał Bielawski in #&#8203;481 <>_.
  • Reverted change for toml requirement. Contributed by Thomas Grainger in #&#8203;477 <>_.


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