Offline-capable Android frontend for MirBSD's WTF acronym search

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WTF‽ (The MirOS Project)

Offline-capable Android frontend for The MirOS Project’s WTF acronym search

This is an Android frontend to the wtf command as included in The MirOS Project (more precisely the acronyms database thereof).

The app uses an offline copy of the acronyms database, which can be updated from inside the app.

wtf and the acronyms

wtf is a standard BSD tool that can resolve acronyms on the command line. It uses a simple text-file as backend that lists acronyms as XYZ\tExpansion.

The acronyms database used by this app was forked and is continously extended by mirabilos, the founder of The MirOS Project. The MirOS BSD implementation of the tool and database, shared by this app, offers improved reliability and search key normalisation.


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